Painted Jean Jackets
Commissioned for store in Berkeley, CA

The following pieces I helped create while working with
Miguelangelo & Company (Ojai, CA)

16' "Cathedral Style" Mural
Painted on canvas and installed on the ceiling
using a 30' scaffolding (and many hands!)

Aged Ceiling Mural

Painted directly on the ceiling, then distressed to look old.

Stenciled border
Painted on ceiling

Aged wall
(3 color wash)

White Venetian Plaster applied to "The Montage" , a 5-star Resort located in Laguna Beach, CA
Authentic Venetian Plaster is quickly becoming one of the most desired "high end" finishes.
It is a product that is imported from Italy and contains ground marble and other stone.
When polished, it becomes a stunning and handsome finish to any home or business.

Faux limestone column

Beach theme wall mural
Teenager's room

The following pieces I helped create while working with ZOOM Creative Services (Champaign, IL)

The Bear Mural and Light Sculpture
America's Brewpub
Located inside Walter Payton's Roundhouse Complex, Aurora, IL
(A historic 'train roundhouse' that was restored and converted into shops and restaurants.)

The "Bear Mural" and "Light Sculpture"
Created for America's Brewpub and located inside Walter Payton's Roundhouse Complex, Aurora, IL.
The mural was painted with oil by Cathy and Soozie, and measures 15' x 25'
It is an enlarged replica of an 1872 painting by Wm. H. Beard called "The Bear Dance".
(The original hangs in the NY Historical Society). Prior to recreating it, we flew to
NYC (during the snow storm of the century) to study the colors and technique.
We painted it in 6 weeks, during which time our diet consisted mainly of M&M's and coffee.

Painting the mural

Close-up of mural

Chandelier/Light Sculpture at America's Brewpub.
This massive chandelier hangs in the main room of the restaurant with the Bear Mural.
Designed by Cathy and Soozie, and built by Tim, it measures 12' across and 6' tall
and weighs approximatly 400 lbs. The main structure is made of aged juniper
(acquired from a local arborist).

Another angle of the chandelier....

...And before the willow pieces were added to it by the Interior Designer.
I think it looks a lot more attractive w/o the willow hiding the beautiful shape and color of the wood.
(Note the hanging of the mural in the background

Close up of "candle lights"
These were made by Barb, (Soozie's sister, and our constant source of laughter during the project).
We made these from acrylic resin and poured 'em into honeycomb-beeswax to create
the texture. They were then painted and wrapped tomahawk-style to the
branches with leather straps (acquired from a local cobbler).

Close up of steel iridescent ball
Hammered, "misted" and installed by Tim on the base of the chandelier to add balance.

Original concept sketch of chandelier by Cathy Saum.

The Clybourne
Champaign, IL

The marque-style floor is pine that has been carved and stained.
The copper ceiling is burned and petinaded. And the walls are painted marble and "water-like".
(Look under Graphics for some cool biz cards I designed for this client's restaurant too!)

More details from The Clybourne
One of many mosiac tables, a hammered copper bar top, and iron-forged lamps, bench and staircase.

HUGE backdrop for Christmas Vegas show
(Greg Thompson Productions)

Set for a traveling Vegas show
(Greg Thompson Productions)

More Vegas sets
3-D arch made of styrofoam, cheesecloth, cardboard...and painted
(Greg Thompson Productions)

Loft in San Diego, CA
Matisse mural painted to disguise a closet door